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Theme: Climate Change and Water in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era (2CWater-4IR)

23-24 March 2020

In Commemoration of World Meteorological Day 2020

There is mounting scientific consensus that the Earth systems are under unprecedented stress. The model of human and economic development, developed during past industrial revolutions, has largely come at the expense of the planet. Our climate, water, air, biodiversity, forests and oceans are under increasing strain. This conference aims to bring together scientists in water, weather and climate as well as applied-research to share their latest findings among the community, the public and relevant stakeholders.

The conference will provide understanding of climate change, its various impacts on water and related sectors, and providing/initiating/communicating solutions and innovations. The conference will also explore the fourth Industrial Revolution and indigenous knowledge for effective climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in the South African context. Making the 4IR a sustainable revolution is the opportunity of this generation. The systems change required to deliver a clean, resource-secure and inclusive economy can be enabled by technology and supported by public policy and investment. Setting the course for a ‘responsible’ 4IR now, will be key to tackling our planet’s urgent environmental, social, and economic challenges.

To ensure the 4IR is a sustainable revolution we invite you to this conference for a dialogue on how best to leverage on the 4IR to create a WeatherSMART society in the face of the changing climate. The two days will expose you to researches from professionals, senior as well as young academics in the water, climate science and 4IR space. We guarantee that the days will be most fruitful and well spent.

We look forward to welcoming you.